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Authentic marine experiences on the beautiful Northumberland Strait. Come explore the warmest ocean waters north of the Carolines and sandy coastlines that few ever see.

Your next
Nova Scotia adventure.

Embark on an unforgettable Northumberland Strait experience aboard an authentic Nova Scotia lobster fishing boat with a Northumberland fisherman as your guide. We specialize in small group Nova Scotia boat tours, so you can make your experience your very own.   Our captains take pride in their vessels and can't wait to show you a part of their world that few get to explore.


Celebrations & Team Building

From laid back scenic tours and sunset cruises to adventure packed days filled with lobster trap hauling, mackerel fishing, beach combing and water activities, we'll help you customize a memorable event for your friends, family, employees or clients.


The Northumberland Strait

A shore like no other.

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The Northumberland Strait is a tidal water body between Prince Edward Island and the coast of eastern New Brunswick and northern Nova Scotia. The Strait's shallow depths lend to warm water and is reportedly home to the warmest ocean water temperatures in Canada. The Northumberland Strait is rich in marine life and is home to a thriving commercial fishery.


At the end of fishing season, lobster fishermen transform their boats into family pleasure crafts, and spend summer days sailing to sandy coves for swimming, mackerel fishing, sand bar exploring, picnics, and beach walks. They welcome you to be part of their traditions with Discover the Strait. 

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