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Dad and Son fishing on a Northumberland Strait fishing boat in Pictou, Nova Scotia

Mackerel Fishing Boat Tour

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Perfect for kids and first time fishers! 

Hop aboard a real Northumberland Strait lobster fishing boat for a fun filled fishing boat tour.

  • Your Mackerel Fishing experience begins as soon as you arrive at an authentic Nova Scotia fishing wharf. Take in the sights and sounds as you stroll down the dock to meet your captain on his Northumberland Strait fishing boat. 

  • Before leaving the dock, your captain will provide a tour of their boat, a safety briefing, and description of the course you're about to set sail. 

  • While your captain navigates the Northumberland Strait in pursuit of schools of mackerel with state-of-the-art equipment, soak in the beauty of Nova Scotia's north shore coastline, peppered with sandy beaches, tree lines and vibrant sea life.

  • To make the most of your fishing experience, your captain will target a few different locations, provide expert instruction to new fishers, and provide all the rods and tackle you'll need to reel in some Mackerel. 

  • Normally easier and super fun to catch, mackerel fishing is the perfect fishery for kids and first time fishers.  

  • Known as one of the healthiest eating fish in the ocean, bring your catch home and fire it on the grill for a delicious feast. 

  • While the mackerel run all summer long in the Northumberland Strait, we cannot guarantee a catch.  But we can guarantee, you'll have a a great time trying.

Mackerel Fishing 


$120 pp

(make it 3 hours for $160 pp)

Two hour mackerel Fishing tours are offered morning and afternoon throughout the summer.

Cruising course may depend on wind and weather.


To optimize everyone's experience, maximum of six guests can fish at any given time during the tour.

Passenger capacity varies depending on captain and boat with a maximum capacity of 10. 

If the date you are looking to book is not available online, please Contact Us.

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