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Fishing boat tour cruising through the Northumberland Strait in Pictou Nova Scotia

Pictou Island Sea Shuttle      

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Private shuttle service service to Pictou Island!

Heading for an overnight adventure to Pictou Island? Let one of our captains whisk you and your crew there with ease!


Hop aboard your own private shuttle to Pictou Island. Sit back and take in the salty air of the Northumberland Strait as you cruise to Pictou Island from Caribou Harbour or from River John.

This service is offered at a flat rate and is intended to service visitors to Pictou Island for overnight stays or longer. 


To book a Pictou Island Sea Shuttle service, contact us directly. 

Pictou Island
Sea Shuttle

Flate Rate One-Way:

$150 from Caribou

$250 from Toney River

Round trips to or from Pictou Island are available; however, same-day return trips are not offered. 


Passenger capacity varies depending on captain and boat with a maximum capacity of 10. 

To book the Pictou Island Sea Shuttle service,  Contact Us  directly.

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